A Personal Dashboard that Works Across Browsers

Published on 05 Jun 2021 | Updated on 09 Apr 2022
Written by Pranav Chakkarwar
1 minutes to read

A tutorial to setup a personal dashboard with bookmarks and search that works across browsers. No more sync accounts.


What’s remaining?

How to open the dashboard on every new tab

How to edit bookmarks?

  1. Navigate to _data β€”> bookmarks.yml
  2. For each bookmark use the format below

    - name: Notes
      url: https://app.standardnotes.org/
      image: https://image.url

How to edit search engines?

  1. Navigate to _data β€”> search.yml
  2. For each search engine use the format below

    - name: Brave Search
      queryurl: https://search.brave.com/search?q=

Get a dashboard

Feel free to download the code and host it on Codeberg, Github, or anywhere else you want.

Codeberg pages, Github pages, and many other hosting services can be used to host and access your dashboard.

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