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I build websites, write technical documentation and train people to deploy and use self-hosted hardware, software, and digital privacy tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work as a web developer or a technical writer?

I am a freelance web developer who works on contract. I am also adept at writing technical content about privacy, security, and web development. I also consider consultation requests for threat modeling or to design a data ownership plan (for you or your business). You can look at my recent projects to see if I am a good fit for yours.

I don't understand code. Can I maintain and update my website?

Yes, you would not have to see a single line of code in order to operate and maintain your website. You will be given an admin page where you can manage your content in the same way that you do on social media. I will assist you from beginning to end. No Stress.

We're just getting started and don't yet have a logo/brand assets. Do you provide such services?

Yes, I provide design services; however, I will only work on web design. Other items, such as logos, images and svg, will be designed by someone else. Don't worry, all of the designs will be consistent.

Will you assist me in finding domains, hosting, email hosting, and other services?

Yes, I can assist you with all technical setup, but you will be charged for all external fees. I can also assist you in finding the most cost-effective yet reliable solution.

What will my website feel like?

Your website will be secure, fast to load, accessible to most, easy to use, and deliver a positive user experience.

What will my website be like? (In the background)

I believe that mine, your and your users' data is extremely valuable, and I try my best to create a website that respects everyone's privacy. In addition, I believe that a website should be sustainable and use renewable energy. I have discovered and fixed some websites that emit up to 10g of carbon per page load. That's terrible. If you already have a website like this. That is something I would like to change.

Your website appears to be simple, but my requirements are different. Can you create a complex website?

Yes, I do build complex/dynamic websites. Like e-commerce sites.

Which tools do you use to create your websites?

I don't use WordPress and instead create websites from the ground up using Javascript, Markup (HTML), and APIs. This gives me and you complete control over all aspects of the website. My static first approach also contributes to faster website speeds, a better user experience, and long-term stress free experience for all.

What about the privacy, security, and compliance of my website's data?

One of the most important aspects after your website goes live is data privacy, security, and compliance. All of this is handled by me. Your website will be protected against cross-site scripting attacks, DDOS attacks, and other threats. For compliance, you may need to consult with your lawyers and prepare legal paperwork. I will edit the website as required. For simple websites you won't need a lawyer.

Why don't you use third-party plugins?

External plugins are sometimes overburdened with unnecessary features, and free ones frequently collect user user data. That's not good. Right? But, don't worry, I will implement any features that your site may need.

I require assistance with general or technical content. Are you willing to the same?

Yes, I work with technical content. For other types of content I know people who can assist you.

Can you to write a biased article that would drive me huge conversions?

No, I don't engage in unethical conversions (like writing biased articles, delivering technically wrong information, etc) or integrating dark patterns. Please look somewhere else or better, just don't do it.

I enjoy your blog. Can I write for your blog or include a sponsored call to action in one of your articles?

No way, that would pollute both my blog and myself. I run this blog for free and with the help of donations, which is why you enjoy it in the first place.

I/My Business aim to improve online privacy. Will you consider my request?

Yes, I consider some requests depending on your needs and my expertise and I charge by the hours spent.

I am curious about your working setup?

My primary system is probably Qubes OS or some flavor of linux running on a Thinkpad. I use a Raspberry Pi as a development server/secondary machine. I build sites using Jekyll, Hugo, 11ty or Svelte depending on the project. I tend to use serverless functions as the backend, but if necessary, I deploy the open source Prase server. The source code can be hosted on a Gitea server, Codeberg, Github. I prefer Ackee for client-side analytics, but I am open to other options. Finally, for technical writing and content, I use Markdown with the Apostrophe editor and Cryptpad for real-time collaboration.

Do you bill by the hour or by the project?

I mostly bill on a project-by-project basis. For services such as consultation, I bill by the hour. I can provide you with a quote and scope of work once I understand your needs.

How can I pay you?

I charge in 2,3 or 4 steps depending on the project. You can pay me via bank transfer, debit card, credit card, paypal and more. Exact details will be included in the contract that I will send you.

I have a tight budget. Do you offer discounts?

I don't cut corners on quality, but I do try to be inclusive and provide discounts for projects that work towards a better world for ALL. Like, Open Source Projects.

Still got questions?

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